Pro-Aim Shooting Gloves enable the capable hand gun user to do with one hand what previously took two. Our gloves also provide wrist support for rifle shooters. We feel, with or without the removable brace inserted, our shooting gloves are the best available.


What is it?

Pro-Aim is the result of ten years of extensive research and development designed to provide the hand gun shooter an assist to provide accuracy and satisfaction previously thought to be unattainable.

Pro-Aim accomplishes this breakthrough in technology by employing a form-fitting brace in the base of the glove that extends to the wrist and is secured with VelcroTM straps. Gel padding in the palm provides relief from recoil shock. The glove is easily applied or removed and is sized to fit the hand comfortably, thus promoting confidence and assurance even for the novice. The capable shooter will find a level of accuracy with just one hand that had previously required both hands. It also supports and braces the arms of a rifle user.

Pro-Aim comes in three different styles. The full finger glove is designed for those who prefer whole hand protection. The 3/4 thumb and index finger glove is for those who desire the unencumbered feel on the fingertips. The half finger glove is for use in warmer climates.

Pro-AIM thus becomes a virtual “Bench rest in a glove.”