About the glove


Yeah, right.  I probably would have too if I hadn't found out it's true!

Here's how it works...no moving parts. We call it "the secret". No big deal. It's a splint (our guy says it's an ergonomically designed and fitted brace), that fits in a little pocket in the base of the glove, extending from the wrist to the little finger. It creates a much more solid feel in the hand.  A strap comes over the wrist and secures the whole thing, giving you the steadiness in one hand that used to take both. You can feel the difference as soon as you put it on. And, there's no moving parts. You don't need a different glove for a different gun. Oh sure, you need the right size and it even comes in three different models. The full fingered one that people in a colder area prefer, the three quarter one that leaves the tip of the forefinger and the thumb exposed and the half finger one that's like a weight lifter glove. As a matter of fact, it can be used that way, or if you ride a bike, bingo - you got that covered too.


Hey, if somebody told you they could make you a better shot just by putting on their glove, what would you say ?

I mentioned no moving parts, when we went to get a patent, you should have seen the gadgets that already had patents.  Unbelievable! One had a brace anchored on the gun that extended to the shoulder. Imagine trying to holster that puppy.  Others were equally bizarre.  Anyway, we now have a patent pending.

We took it to the NRA's convention and showed some of those people how it could help, and the response was really great.  The most common comment was "I can't believe it!"  Some law enforcement guys tried it, put it on and even those hard nosed guys were impressed.  One big-time gun manufacturer took a pair to field test and their guy wouldn't give it back! They offered to list it in their catalog.  We have a guy in Florida who showed it to a convention of police weapon trainers and they went nuts.

What all this boils down to is this - it works - we guarantee it and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. What all this exposure that we have already received and the write-ups that are forthcoming will provide us is a true validation of what was  once just a dream in the mind of our man who had the guts to ignore the naysayers and just went ahead and did it.  We honestly feel that if you own a gun,you owe yourself the advantage of PRO-AIM.